Frequently asked questions

How do I transfer the domain to my registrar?
We will send you an Auth-Code. You need this code to transfer the rights of the domain to you and to register the domain with your registrar.

How long does it take to transfer the rights of the domain?
Normally it takes just a couple of days, but can take up to 5 working days.

Apart from buying the domain, what other costs will I incur?
Your registrar might take a renewal fee and extend the renewal date for a further year.

If I have an account with can I keep the domain where it is?
Yes, we can transfer the domain to you using the Namecheap system.

How can I pay for the domain purchase?
We accept Paypal and Escrow. Alternatively, if your registrar is with, you may purchase the domain through the Namecheap Marketplace.

Who is the current owner of the domain?
We are exclusive owners of the domain. We are not domain brokers, so you will only be dealing with us direct.

Is tax included in the payment?
If you live in Europe then yes, 16% Tax (currently lowered because of the corona virus) is included in the payment - according to German tax law. If you live outside of Europe then no tax is included.

Will I receive an invoice for the purchase?
We will send you an invoice as soon as we have agreed on a purchase price.